The Work in The Workplace

The Work in The Workplace

Transforming problems into Solutions

‘The Work is the end of confusion, limited thinking and the unending treadmill. It is the beginning of business as productive and fun: teams innovating, workers cooperating, managers leading. The Work is simple, practical and effective. Use The Work and see your organisation grow beyond what you can imagine.’

                                             -Byron Katie

What is The Work?

The Work is a simple, effective, easy-to-learn tool for self-examination and discovery that leads to insights and new perspectives in a matter of minutes. As a result, conflict disappears, creativity blossoms and honest communication becomes the norm. As employees learn to find solutions within themselves and to stop placing blame outside, managers are relieved to focus on business development rather than their staff's personal problems.

In the last 18 years The Work has helped thousands of people transform stress into ease, problems into opportunities and confusion into clear, effective action. The introductory course, The Work in The Workplace, allows you to bring these same benefits to your company.

Simple and effective, The Work is just ‘four questions and a turnaround’.

Have you noticed how the simplest things can have the biggest impact? That's what The Work is like. Frankly, the basic elements of The Work can fit on a 3x5 card! You've probably also seen how you need to put those simple lessons to the test, until you know and trust that they work, undeniably. In The Work in The Workplace course, you'll experience the power of this process, again and again, until it becomes a part of who you are, not a ‘thing’ that you do.

Companies implementing The Work report improvements in:

  • Innovation – The Work helps turn conflict, dissatisfaction, and frustration into creativity, self-motivation, and excitement.
  • Profitability – The Work frees employees from time- consuming and profit-taking personal and professional issues, allowing management to focus on business objectives instead of interpersonal process.
  • Satisfaction – The Work naturally brings back the thrill of achievement and the pleasure of fully contributing to the company vision.


  • FACT: 65% of job-based performance problems result from strained relationships between employees – NOT from lack of skills or motivation.
  • FACT: Stress on the job costs businesses $150 billion per year. 
  • FACT: The average cost to replace one employee is $10,000.

Imagine the answers to these questions:

  • What would your business look like without it's current problems?
  • How much more powerful and profitable would it be if today's problems simply didn't exist?
  • And how would you feel, at work and at home, being a part of a company like this?

If you have ever imagined a simple tool that could create these results, you will love The Work.

The Scope of The Work in the Workplace courses

The Work in the Workplace addresses the following workplace scenarios:

Change in the Workplace

Learn to effectively manage change in the workplace.

It would be useful for line managers and persons responsible for implementing policies determined by senior management. It will lead learners to acquire knowledge and skill to effectively manage change in the workplace.

Abuse in the Workplace

Intended for learners who are themselves abused or who know someone who is abused either at home or at work.

Effectively Managing Diversity

Intended for employers and employees, including managers, Human Resource Managers, NGOs and people who work with issues of diversity, who are responsible for  creating a harmonious work environment. It will lead learners to acquire knowledge and skill to effectively manage diversity in the workplace, which should, in turn, improve productivity, deal with negative behaviour and promote inclusion in the process of change.

Managing Stress

Intended for personal development to help the learner identify and manage stress in his/her own life.

Effecting Good Leadership

Intended for learners at all levels who lead or aspire to lead groups or teams. It will equip them to be effective team leaders both in the workplace and in the community.

Managing Anxiety and Depression

Intended for learners to acquire knowledge and skill to effectively manage anxiety and depression in themselves or others. It could be useful for peer and community counsellors and managers. It should make employers aware of the need for positive management of anxiety and depression to ensure productivity and the creation of a caring environment where anxious and depressed employees are supported and accommodated.

Dealing with Workplace Trauma

Intended for learners to acquire knowledge and skill to effectively manage risks arising from trauma and loss in themselves or others.

Managing Workplace Relationships

Intended for learners to manage workplace relationships. It should lead to the positive management of relationships to ensure productivity and the creation of a culture and climate in the work environment where learners are able to develop to their full potential.

Participating Effectively

Intended for learners at all levels who are members of groups or teams. It will equip them to be effective members of teams or groups both in the workplace and in the community.

Problem Solving

Learners should acquire basic problem solving skills and be able to use those skills in dealing with problems or making decisions in their own lives. The focus is on authentic situations that may require a decision or be a problem for the learner.

Organisational Wellness

This training focuses on wellness of an organisation and the effect of organisational wellness on employees and productivity. It will be useful for middle and senior management, Human Resource Managers, Industrial Relations personnel and people who make financial decisions.

Illness in the Workplace

Intended for learner dealing with life-threatening illnesses like Aids.

The Work is not for everyone!

Do NOT bring The Work to your workplace if you want to play it safe! We only offer The Work in The Workplace programme to companies that are willing to make a quantum leap in performance, satisfaction and results. You and your employees will be transformed, personally and professionally by The Work. You must be willing to act on the daily, ever-growing awareness of your potential that you discover during The Work in The Workplace.

The Work is not a product or a service – it’s an experience.

Have you ever attended the most insightful, helpful, brilliant training programme, only to find out that, a week later, all that's left is a stack of three-ring binders and the memory of feeling motivated? Compare that to this: Can you remember something you learned by experience that, years later, still affects your daily life, action and thinking?

That's what The Work in The Workplace course will do for you. Facilitated by Dr Kriben Pillay, a specialist in personal and organisational transformation, you and your experience will be the true teacher. And the lesson you teach yourself will last a lifetime.


Your successful results are the only thing that interests us. You are invited to set up a The Work in The Workplace course and, if at the end of the course, any participant does not feel that he or she has benefited from the course, the participant’s course fee will be refunded

Contact us now to begin to experience the power of The Work.

Call Dr Kriben Pillay at 082-4661745 or email info to:

  • set up The Work in The Workplace course;
  • to request a FREE video presentation of The Work;
  • or to actually experience The Work yourself!
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