Krishnamurti Foundation India

Ahalya Chari, Secretary - Publications

7 June 2004


Dear Kriben

What a delight your book on Icicles is to read! Absolutely Fascinating. Thank you so much for sending me a copy. We have shared it at Vasanta Vihar with joy. To bring the profound to readers in such simple, magical words requires tremendous insight and skill. You should write many more such books for the ages 8 to 88! My warmest wishes, and please convey my appreciation to the illustrator who has, I feel, done a splendid job.

And now I am interested in getting this book across to all our KFI Schools - seven of them - and would moreover like to see it on the shelves of our leading book shops in India ... Many more children and adults should get a chance to read it.


Once again my thanks and good wishes,

Ahalya Chari

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