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Too often the only real effect of training, no matter what it’s for, is that people get a short-term “buzz” of energy that lasts no more than a few days or weeks, after which attendees fall back into whatever their habitual mode was before the training. The most general effect of training seminars—no matter the ostensible content—is that they increase people’s self-confidence—at least for a while.
Daniel Goleman Working with Emotional Intelligence
Most transformation programs satisfy themselves with shifting the same old furniture about in the same old room. Some seek to throw some of the furniture away. But real transformation requires that we redesign the room itself. Perhaps even blow up the old room. It requires that we change the thinking behind our thinking—literally, that we learn to rewire our corporate brains.
Danah Zohar Rewiring the Corporate Brain

The Noumenon Transformative Training is an experiential-based training that focuses on individual and organisational transformation that leads to authentic clarity, creativity and efficiency within a relatively short time span, and which addresses the traps described in the above quotations.


The Training is based on the simple observation that we are limited by the stories we hold of others and ourselves stories of separation and difference, of insoluble problems, of relationships, of money, etc.

We usually take these stories to be reality, very often investing these with unnecessary energy, and so cutting ourselves off from the source of our true clarity, creativity and efficiency. Even so-called successful people, when looked at closely, are found to be stress-ridden, and usually achieve their goals at the expense of family, friends, leisure and their health. In some cases in order for the individual to maintain the image of success these goals are achieved through overt or covert violence and other unscrupulous practices, which eventually rebound in the form of antagonistic relationships both personal and business loneliness, addictions and ill health. We must not forget the social and environmental consequences of ‘having at all costs’.


In the Noumenon Transformative Training, unlike motivational courses that have short-term effects, the training programmes are designed to allow participants to experience and transform the core error in our perception of ourselves and the world, which, uncorrected, eventually causes physical and psychological stress, and dysfunctional activity. This Training is soundly supported by the latest research in Transpersonal Psychology and Corporate Training, and does not play up craving and fear as the means of motivation, but evokes our deeper sense of connectedness to inspire creative, successful action.

Once our stories of limitation are dissolved, clarity, creativity and efficiency will become innate expressions of our lives and will naturally express themselves productively in the individual and the organisation.

To sum up, the Noumenon Transformative Training will show you how to:

  • end the us versus them model of human behaviour that locks us into conflict-ridden activities;
  • locate the source of your clarity, creativity and efficiency for all areas of your life;
  • use reason and intuition appropriately.


The Work of Byron Katie is a unique method for going beyond our limiting beliefs. It has the potential to radically change corporate culture through highly efficient training processes that invert the way we habitually see and act. This is NOT another set of skills and business strategies, but a way of awakening:

  • Natural Leadership
  • High Performance through fearless, clear actions
  • Efficiency without stress
  • The end of burnout
  • Ease and availability in each moment
  • Unquestionable evidence of your true worth and how to translate this into productive action
  • The end of inter- and intrapersonal conflicts

The Work of Byron Katie is the end of seeking answers and the beginning of finding them.

If you are interested in knowing more about our training programmes, simply email us for further information.

The Noumenon Consultancy is currently in the process of being accredited with the Services SETA, and companies who pay their levies to the Services SETA can claim back on the levies for training provided by The Noumenon Consultancy.

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